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Current fixtures ready to import include: NFL 2024, NZ Provincial Rugby 2024, MLB 2024, NWSL 2024, State of Origin 2024, Copa America 2024, ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024, NRLW 2024, QRL 2024, VFL 2024, QAFL 2024, WAFL 2024, SANFL 2024, Super Netball 2024, Super Rugby Pacific 2024, MLS 2024, UEFA Euro 2024, AFL 2024 and NRL 2024.

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About your tipping competition

Below are some screenshots from an AFL footy tipping competition. Remember, these pages are customisable to fit ANY sport!

The tipping page

There are two ways to set up your competition. The first is to select the winners of each match, this works well for high scoring games like AFL or NRL. Tips may be entered up until each match starts.

Screen shot of enter tips page

Tip by score

You can also set up your competition so that you enter the score for each match. This works well for low scoring game like football (soccer). Bonus points can be given for tipping the exact result.

Screen shot of enter score page

The leaderboard page

Leaderboard will show all competitors ranked by total score.

Screen shot of leaderboard page

The round results page

The round results page will show every user's correct tips and results for each round.

Screen shot of round results page